Driveway Construction Services Bellmore

    At Majestic Masonry, we’re committed to offering high-quality, modern landscaping services for a wide range of properties and sites. We’re your trusted landscape garden maintenance advisor, so we’ll take care of all your landscaping requires responsibly and on time. Our team of certified professionals is accredited with a strong reputation for excellence, and they go the extra mile for you.

    Service Features

    We have a variety of masonry features to meet your specific needs. From intricate brickwork to elegant stonework, we can make your house look great and last a long time. We make sure our masons plan and execute every project with precision and attention to detail.

    Landscape services include a wide range of features to make your outdoor spaces look and function better. We specialize in masonry, pavers, concrete, and landscaping projects of all kinds. Make your outdoor areas stunning and functional with our expertise.

    • At least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily
    • Little to no standing water after heavy rains
    • Close proximity to facilities; land as level as possible
    • Close the available water source
    • Good soil quality & safety
    • Block paving & driveways
    • Building patios or steps
    • Creating garden paths
    • Garden wall construction
    • Garden retaining walls
    • Concrete or block paving
    • Timber or brick edging
    • Decking
    • Water features and fountains
    • Building raised beds
    • Garden fencing
    • Dry stone walling
    • Drainage
    • Installing outdoor lighting


    We clean, seal, and fix masonry so it stays in great shape for years. Keep your masonry looking great with our professional maintenance services.

    Water and irrigation are really important for your trees when it comes to keeping them healthy and vibrant. Trees need about 24 gallons of water a day. Do you know that water and irrigation are so crucial for the health and vitality of your landscaping? Our experts can help you design and install efficient irrigation systems.

    A tree adds beauty and sustainability to any landscape but needs sufficient water to thrive. For trees to grow and stay healthy, they require approximately 24 gallons of water per day. Designing and implementing irrigation systems can ensure your trees get the right amount of water.

    Ensure the beauty and integrity of your property with expert pruning and trimming. Trust us for expert care and precision.